This site is little more than a personal blog. It doesn't intend to express the view of any organisation, grouping or tendency that exists in the world. There is, however, an aim of the owner of this blog. The aim is to promote an understanding of Marxism that grasps the immediate political tasks the working class is faced with. To compile and collect different perspectives on what I think Marxism is all about, to promote a specific interpretation and to hopefully serve as a useful resource for my own comrades or any Marxists who come across this. The name 'Partyist Marxism' signifies that I think the question of a party and political independence of said party is currently an important one for communists.

A bit about the positions on this website

A collection of links, lists and such to things that influenced me and my political positions

Just because something is included here, it does not mean I endorse it wholly, or the views of the author, or really much about it other than that I have read it and thought it contributed to how I understand the world and think it's worth reading for you too.

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